Know more about our product, principles and core values.


How do you choose a protein supplement? Do you go on the recommendation of your gym-buddy, or do you pick the jar with the shiniest label? With so many to choose from, confusion is inevitable. So, what exactly makes a great whey protein product? Now that you have stumbled upon here, give yourself a pat on the back!


The Indian market is full of fake and low quality supplements. While some are adulterated with low quality ingredients during manufacturing itself, others are outright fakes that look exactly like originals. This has given rise to the practice of charging a hefty premium on the price of good quality products with the logic being- If you want good quality you are going to have to pay for it. This way the consumer ends up paying upto 5x more of what the product is really worth. As if, purity is a luxury. We disagree.


Here is what's wrong with this practice. Firstly, as far as food is concerned, purity and quality are basic necessities and not luxuries that only a select few should be able to afford. Secondly, this increased cost of supplements, in turn, makes adulteration economically more viable. The people selling fakes can now sell them at even higher margins!


We are here to change this scenario. At Athlor™, we believe in respecting our bodies and our aim is to provide the best quality nutrition at the best possible price. Have a look at how we achieve this:


Pure Ingredients

We use the most premium raw materials, and ingredients are passed only if they a compliant Certificate of Analysis. Our whey protein is sourced from Netherlands and Flavors from Switzerland.



Strict Quality Standards

Procuring the finest raw materials from the best, most honest sources isn't enough. The manufacturing is done at FSSAI, ISO and GMP certified plant which means there are periodic inspections by the authorities. All testing is done at third-party labs authorized by FSSAI.


Automated Facility

Product is manufactured on pharmaceutical grade machines and human interference is kept to a minimum to avoid any chance of contamination.




Eliminating Middlemen.

Every distributor/wholesaler/retailer adds his own markup to the cost of the product (typically 10-20% at each step). Finally it is you, the customer, who has to bear final price. But when you buy from you can be sure the product is reaching you straight from us and not some other wholesaler/retailer.

Our Core Values:


We are accountable for the way we do business.

Be truthful and honest with every aspect.

Make good quality nutrition accessible to everyone.

Care about the environment and reduce our carbon footprint.

 Give back to the community. (?)